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The current age of Technology is not only changing how we work but also the complexion of today's work force, it is therefore compelling to get into the mist of the ever-increasing race , through training and constant upgrading of physical appearance, software and gargets.


CCP International shipping has over the years metamorphosed into a real company, our learning and operation system is much different from the past generation. The past generation grew up with record player, type-writer and television; we grew up with internet and Digital Medias as tools for training our employee.


We are humbled with the ability to keep 98% of our customers and the geometric increase of referrals and new comers has helped us to grow the corporation around the world.


Our purpose is clear in CCP International shipping, your satisfaction without reaping off the customers, competitors cannot stand our skill, up to date information about the state of thing in the industry. And timely passing on that information to our customers has distinguished our services over the year.

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