International Air Freighting

We ship every day from USA to different part of the world, is therefore necessary to ask for the schedule of your destination ,  our years of experience has made us familiar to the variation on the requirement of different countries around the world, fast and easier way to bring your shipment home to meet up with the demand.


When making orders conclude on the cost of the items before informing them that you have a shipping company that will bring it home., tell your manufacturer that will be calling them hence forth.


You do not need to travel, we want you to only be dedicated to the management and administration of the company we will handle the logistics.


If you want to be buying things from the internet, give us a call and we will send a form and how we want you to do it to you since everything must go through one hundred percent screening before we ship.


When we know where you will be buying things, we will advice you on our nearest office locations in the USA. Or around the world. we believe in you that you can make it regardless of the present situation.  Following our method is very important since there are so many unrealistic individuals that are trying to take advantage of the internet marketing.  Do not use any of our office locations as your office, we will not ship any item that does not have proper labeling. Call or send email to prior to sending  your shipment ask questions and be clear on the method before proceeding to send your money out to shop or manufacturer.


To proceed with your shipping request the fill out the form and submit any necessary attachment .

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