Either you are looking for a lower cost or becoming a distributor for companies overseas do not reinvent the wheel someone might have passed through that route before, let us know your intension and we can hook you up to become stronger. It does not matter the size of the item you are trying to buy, let us know we might help you out in buying those items.


The world has become a big living room and we will process the logistics of bringing item to your reach.  Before you ship anything to our office  we want to know and give you the proper guide lines. We will reject items  that does not carry appropriate address. Every shipment is subject to one hundred percent search. Parking list should also be attached to every delivery.


We can also negotiate on your behalf and physically travel to the origin of your shipment to review every fact about it before it leaves their facility depending on cost and the sensitivity of the item.


To proceed  with your request  fill out the form and submit any necessary attachment.

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