International Ocean Shipment

Internet has made worldwide shopping a easy thing,  When buying a Car, Truck, Heavy equipment or other items in the United States  of America the following considerations are necessary:


How close is this origin form the port of departure?


Negotiate Free delivery to the port after concluding on the cost of the item.


Do the item has a clear title, and for non-titled material, serial number must be available. The bill of serial must be issued for items above two thousand dollars. Receipt and load list must be made for items that is more than one with accurate declaration.


To complete your shipping request you must be able to provide a copy of the Title, or bill of sales and a copy of the front page of your international passport, sometimes it will be good to notarize the bill of sales. Faxed or email copies will be enough to prepare the paper work needed to bring the item to the port. however, the original copy of the title or the original of the bill of sales will be needed to submit the shipment at the port.


CTN (Central Tracking Number) fee for all cargo types is no longer required for all


To proceed  with your shipping request the fill out the form and submit any necessary attachment

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