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We know that a cost-effective and trusted supply chain is central to your business.
Our extensive distribution networks means we can offer a solution every time.

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International Air Freight

Our international air freight services encompass a range of options. Your consignment can be sent door to door, import or export, express or economy. You can even mix and match to find the air freight service that suits your timescale and budget. Whatever you need, we have the ideal air freight service to suit you and our specialist team will be on hand to offer advice and answer any queries.

RORO Ocean Services

Our RORO Ocean Freight is part of the international logistics service that we offer. This option provides you with the flexibility to ship full or part load containers on a lengthy timescale, depending on your specific requirements.

RORO Ocean Freight gives you the flexibility to ship full or part load containers on a longer planned time scale, depending on your requirements.

Inter-State Trucking

Inter-state Trucking is a shipping service that is hauled across state lines. We Ship oversized equipment across states. We can transport your over-dimensional freight to all states in the United State. Our licensed and insured team of drivers is composed of experts in logistics and knowledgeable in the heavy hauling requirements of each state.

Consolidation Bags and Boxes Container

We combine several smaller shipments from different senders to reduce transport costs for our clients. 

Self Owned Container Booking

CCP Shipping allows you book a shipping for your containers from  any location  and shipped to your desired location.

Inter-State Non Auto transportation